Ever since I moved into my home I have wanted to do something different to the main wall in my living room. I finally got around to it last month when I decided to build a plank wall. With Shiplap nowhere to be found in Edmonton, I settled in 1/4″ plywood underlay. The planks would be painted white so I wasn’t concerned about a quality wood with beautiful grain; plywood was perfect. I purchased five 8′ x 4′ sheets and had Home Depot cut them into 6″ strips at 8′ long. I marked out the studs in the wall with a studfinder so I would know where to cut the planks and thus where to nail. Borrowing my brother’s mitre saw, I got to work applying planks with my Ryobi Air Nailer, ranging in size from 8′ long to as short as 16″. Quarters were used to space the planks. I wanted the planks to vary in size and line up a minimum of every second row.


Once completed (it took about 12 hours in total) I painted the planks in Valspar (latex) Ultra White, semi-gloss. : I left the planks around outlets for last – I would recommend doing them as you go as I ended up with a spacing issue when I went back to fill in those rows.