After adding NextStone to the surround of the fireplace I wanted to do one more thing to make it complete. I was already working on a full plank wall directly across from the fireplace, so adding planks directly above the fireplace would complement the full wall nicely. After having the 1/4″ plywood underlay cut into 6″ strips at Home Depot, I usEd a jigsaw to cut the strips the width of the fireplace. I then used my 18v Ryobi Nail Gun to attach the planks to the wall, after marking out the wood studs with a studfinder. I made sure each plank was straight using a level, because I started from the top of the fireplace and there is no guarantee that it is level. I used quarters between each plank so they were evenly spaced. Once up, I painted them with one coat of Rustoleum Chalked Paint in Linen White.