I really wanted a rustic farm table for my kitchen, but rather than buy one I decided to enlist my handy brother and build one from scratch. After finding plans on Ana White’s website, we went to Lowe’s to pick out the wood required.

We went through the pile of 1x8x8 (I learned these measurements were not exact, with most boards being closer to 7″ wide) we checked each board for warping, and finally settled on six of them in Pine, plus one 1x10x8′ for the middle board. The legs will be cut out of 4x4x8′ stumps in cedar, which was more expensive, but all that Lowe’s carried in 4″x4″. Total cost of all wood, a pocket drill and a few other supplies was less than $200.

After building the table top with apron ends in one day, we found two boards were more warped than we had thought. Nothing a little sanding and wood filler wouldn’t fix. I sanded the top with 80, 120 and finished with 220, leaving a very smooth finish. I moisturized the wood to help ensure an even absorption of the stain, then stained with Special Walnut from Minwax.