This China Cabinet was made of particle board, so no sanding or staining was possible. It hadn’t been cleaned in over 30 years, so I used a razor blade to remove all the build up from cooking grease, grime and dust. An unpleasant job, but in order to get a smooth coat of paint, a necessary evil. I also used a degreaser, which made it easier.
The front was spray painted (all that detail would have taken a long time and left inevitable drips and uneven paint) and the rest painted in white chalk paint. Original handles were spray painted in Rust-oleum Bright Metallic Finish.

I used a stencil to add a little fun to the top, using Rubbed Bronze spray paint, and sanded it lightly with 220 sandpaper. I protected it with Clear Matte from Rust-oleum’s Chalked Paint line. The top of the cabinet was also painted in Linen White, with the inside painted in Rust-oleum’s Serenity Blue Chalked Paint.