While searching my favourite furniture building website, ana-white.com, I saw a plan that featured an expensive Sonoma-Williams bench that sold for over $1300, which is absolutely absurd. Looking over the plans provided by DIYCandy.com, I decided it would be my next furniture build at the low low cost of $25!

I added up all of the required lengths of wood and determined I required  7 2x4s and a tube of construction adhesive. That’s it!


Once they were all measured twice and cut using a circular saw, I put all the pieces in place to form the bench. I then marked each one to show which side(s) would be visible and marked the order in which each piece went together.


Next came the glue. You can use liquid nails or construction adhesive, just make sure you use a fair amount in an ‘s’ pattern down the wood and on the sides and bottom where necessary. Once you jave it all glued, use large clamps to hold the seat and legs in place. Four clamps would be ideal. I only had two, so I first clamped the seat for a an hour then the legs, back and forth, which also worked well.


the next day I used 60 sandpaper to even out any imperfections, followed by 120 to smooth it out.


The bench was stained in Espresso, protected in Polycrylic.