These unattractive, boring and cheap laundry closet doors came with my condo 15-years ago. I have never liked these builder-spec sliding doors and shave tolerated them for way too long.


At first I was going to adhere some chalkboard paint with a white border around the edge but thought it would make the area look too dark.  Once I decided on stripes (see my previous post for tips on how to paint stripes properly and learn from my initial mistakes!) I dug into my paint supply and found my favourite cool grey – Intercoastal Grey by Behr – and decided on nine horizontal stripes (pick an odd number to get paint colour on top and bottom of door for a symmetrical look).

I am having my kitchen updated this month and the grey will match the new island base and play off the marble countertop, which is about 15 feet directly in front of these doors.

Stripe Preperation:

– clean surface thoroughly, prime the entire surface using a foam roller

– divide height by the number of stripes you want; pick un uneven number to ensure coloured stripe on top and bottom

– measure twice, marking dots horizontally across the surface

– apply FROGTAPE (painters tape WILL bleed) using a level as a guide

– ensure you place the tape outside the stripes to be painted

– use a foam roller to paint an even surface

It took several hours to clean, measure and tape using a level. Regular painter’s tape WILL bleed, regardless of how secure it is to the surface. Trust me on that one!

image image image

Protect with Polycryclic or sealant of preference.


Is there a wall, door or area in your home you have been wanting to spruce up? I would love to hear about it! Leave comments below. Thanks for stopping by!

Clair 🙂