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I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone for this project, as I am more of a “paints within the lines” kinda gal.

I didn’t have any glaze and am not a fan of dark wax, so I used many methods to achieve the final look, which was inspired by old Swedish Gustavian style furniture.

But first I had to deal with the stained top of this nine drawer, Bassett built, vintage dresser.

I was disappointed to see it was the only part of the dresser that wasn’t wood or at least wood veneer, so I grabbed some 1×4 and 1×5 pine planks to make my own wood top.

I always ended up with brown when mixing paint or playdough as a kid, so I kept it simple using just two colors – White and Winter Gray in homemade chalk paint,

Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe:

Need: 1 cup latex paint, 2 tbsp of Plaster of Paris (Home Depot), two tbsp water

  • To properly bind and eliminate lumps, make a paste using Plaster of Paris by slowly adding HALF (1 tbsp) the water
  • Once smooth, complete binding process by adding a couple of spoons of paint and the rest of the water
  • Slowly add the rest of the latex paint. Add water if you prefer it less thick.

Swedish Gustavian Style Makeover with new planked top
After painting the base in Winter Gray, I began adding several layers of each color in different areas, wet and dry sanding in between, as well as dry brushing and making extra thick white chalk paint to build up the texture throughout.

Makeover in Gary and white.

I wanted the edges to show more of the Gray (with blue undertones), so I used dry and damp rags to wipe away some of the white from those areas.

I also added the horizontal Dentil trim moulding, which was applied with some wood glue and my most awesome Ryobi nail gun. The pulls were painted with the same colors, using Gray as the base and white in the nooks and crannies.

My unofficial OCD tendencies had me adding and removing and adding and removing paint for days… This is why I need to stay away from subjective color mixing!

The paint was sealed with Rustoleum’s Clear Matte (from their Chalked Paint line), and Polycrylic in Satin for the planked top.